Who Else Wants to See the World’s Favorite Motorboats?

Who Else Wants to See the World’s Favorite Motorboats?

The boating industry has undoubtedly come a long way. From Gottlieb Daimler’s longcase clock engine boat to today’s superyachts that feature cutting-edge navigation tech, advanced safety features and luxurious finishes.

With so many boat makers, the industry has plenty of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a fresh water fishing boat or an offshore vessel, we’ve got you covered.

Pontoon Boat

This vessel is the ultimate party boat. It has a flattish design that sits on two or three steel tubes that keep it afloat and stable. It also comes with wet bars, plusher seats and entertainment centres. And it’s well suited for inland boating.

Power Catamaran

This boat comes with twin 220 HP diesel engines that are surprisingly fuel efficient when coupled with the two sharp hulls that cut through the water. The vessel can reach speeds of 23 to 24 knots, with the throttle wide open, and it is perfect for offshore fishing.

Sedan Bridge Boat

This 34 footer is ideal for those long rides in the open water. The cockpit, through a little cramped, sits at a suitable position for a 360 degree view. And it comes with twin 340hp petrol engines that can achieve 30 knots effortlessly, even with a maximum load.