Give Me 4 Minutes and I’ll Show You the Top Five Luxury Boats

Give Me 4 Minutes and I’ll Show You the Top Five Luxury Boats

Owning a luxury motorboat is a common dream that all boating lovers share, right? These babies come with cutting-edge navigation systems, luxurious interiors and hefty price tags to match.

So, whether you’re looking to acquire a brand new yacht or looking to feast your eyes on the most expensive boating vessels money can buy, you are in good company.

5. The Princess 56

The Princess 56 comes with two Volvo Penta diesel engines. And that allows it to cruise at 30-knots, effortlessly, even with maximum load. In fact, these baby is capable of doing so many insane manoeuvres than it’s owners can not attempt – thanks to its super responsive steering system.

It comes with a remote controlled searchlight, a U-shaped cockpit with a perfect view on all directions and two cabins with en-suite facilities.

4. The Fairline Targa 52

There comes a time when 40-footers don’t cut it for family boaters anymore. And the Fairline Targa comes with a 52 foot of nothing but the finest luxury available.

The yacht comes with two Volvo Penta D12-800 EVC, turbo, diesel, 775hp engines that give it a displacement of 16.4 tons. When coupled with a 400 gal fuel capacity, this big, bad machine can take you across the open seas cruising at a whooping 37knots.

3. F Series, F450

Very little is known about this luxurious vessel, probably because they want to keep it a secret? Anyway, it is one of the most spacious motorboats out there that can accommodate six passengers in utmost luxury. The rest of the space is for parting, fishing and any other activities you can think of.

It has premium wood fittings, high-quality leather seats and unmatched entertainment for anyone who can afford to pay $500,000 for the ride.

2. Bayliner 5788

There are mixed reacions on this one, but Bayliner is one of the most beautifully designed motorboats out there. The entertainment package on this vessel is unmatched as it features inbuilt cable television, CCTV, and a sound system.

It also comes with a tub in the master bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen. Overall, this boat is the ultimate luxury toy for affluent boaters.

1.Sunseeker Manhattan 50

The honour goes to this lovely watercraft that sits pretty at the top of the boating industry. The reviews on this yacht are colourful, and that means only one thing – this boat-maker knows what they are doing.

This boat has two fine-tuned diesel engines and top-of-class handling capabilities that come in handy when exploring open waters. It has two cabins, one VIP with en-suite facilities and another one for guests and a practical interior design that creates a perfect environment for relaxation and wild parties as well.