Motor Boaters Seek Snus Alternatives to Vaping

Motor Boaters Seek Snus Alternatives to Vaping

Vaping while boating could be tricky. Fans of both find ways to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of gliding across the water. Motorboat enthusiasts buy snus to enjoy nicotine on the water or find protection for the vape. Here are a few ways to motorboat and enjoy nicotine on the water.

Waterproof Covering

While on the water, a motorboat aficionado can always count on waterproof accessories to protect vape supplies. Whether using a waterproof case, plastic bag, or backpack, waterproof options make it easier to keep vape accessories close and dry.

Nicotine Pouch

Of course, a boater could always buy snus. Puffers may simply replace the vape with a nicotine pouch to enjoy a flavorful alternative.


Fishing vests are an option also. With plenty of pockets, it’ll be easy to keep track of the tiny cartridge when it’s time to take a puff. Shirt pockets and sleeves that hang from the neck offer convenient protective options for motorboat enthusiasts to keep the vape cartridge dry.