Motorboats; Unfathomable Speeds

Motorboats; Unfathomable Speeds

Motorboats are used all over the world for different purposes and by different people but they are appreciated all over the world. It doesn’t take an expert to recognize a beautiful boat when they see it. Motorboats and motorboating differ than many other adrenaline pumping sports. For example. those who enjoy motorcycling or motorbiking go at fast speeds down hard roads and therefore subject themselves to potentially life threatening situations, hence the adrenaline. For this reason, motorbike helmets and other safety equipment is worn. This is not the case for even the fastest of boats where a life jacket is all you need to hit the wide open… waters. This is why motorboating as a sport and even for leisure is not necessarily for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the best but also the fastest and most dangerous boats of all time.

Spirit of Australia
Named the fastest boat in the world, this boat does not look or feel like your traditional motorboat. It reaches speeds of up to 318 miles per hour. Despite its slick design and world record breaking speed, it was actually developed and created by a joe blow in his backyard!

Bluebird K7
This beautiful aquatic masterpiece is known as the fastest hydroplane. In a ten year span, from 1955-1964, this boat set and reset world records, beating itself over and over again.

Spirit of Qatar
A different kind of motorboat, this catamaran can reach unthinkable speeds of over 200mph, which is rare, actually almost unheard of among catamarans.

Riva Aquarama
As a matter of fact, the 1974 Riva Aquarama is one of the most beautiful and sought after boats in the world. One of these classic Italian motorboats actually came into an auction in Monaco in 2016. This particular model of boat was informally limited edition as there were only 769 ever made. Picture a twin v8 runabout as well as a rich mahogany hull and accents and two Cadillac engines (some were Chrysler). This boat is estimated to be worth well over $600 000 which is an impressive and large amount for any boat.

Motorboats do come in different shapes and sizes and the laws vary in order to protect user’s safety and wellbeing from place to place. If motorboats are something you enjoy and would like to pursue as a hobby or sport, be sure to look into and receive adequate training before trying to reach any of the above mentioned speeds on your own. Despite it being a seemingly easy sport, it actually is similar to any other sport in that practice makes perfect. Remember to also bring along all of the equipment necessary to ensure that you are being safe.