Top 4 Tips On How to Maintain Your Motorboat

Top 4 Tips On How to Maintain Your Motorboat

How often do you service and maintain your motorboat? Do you know a poorly maintained boat can risk your life and that of your loved ones? A vessel that is not well maintained can be disastrous while in the sea. Fuel, battery issues, and break down are some of the most common problems, which sums up to 50%. So, how can you ensure your vessel is well maintained?

Here are the tips to keep your motorboat functioning efficiently.

Washing Your Vessels More Often

This helps in removing the salty water that usually builds up. Desalting is the best way to do away with the buildup that is already existing.

Servicing the Engine Yearly

Don’t wait when everybody else is going for a service engine. When servicing your engine, ensure the spark plugs also get changed. Also, ensure you carry an extra spark plug spanner on your vessel. Remember to keep your ears alert in case there are new vibrations and noises. It is the first indication that all is not okay with your vessels.

Check the Battery After Every Season

The battery is the most stressful thing for many motorboat users. About 25 % of the incidences reported are as a result of flat batteries. Ensure your battery is fully charged, hold the charge continually, and ensure it’s kept topped up using distilled water. The connections should not be loose or corroded.

Check Whether All the Joints and Connections Are Okay

Every three to four times a year, be sure to walk the boat through for service to check for the usual wear and tear. This will also help you keep an eye on any possible problem that may arise. Remember to check the ropes for damages and wear and tear.

Bottom Line

Having checked the above-mentioned parts, you can be sure your life is safe when using the vessels. Always remember your life is more important and hence the need to safeguard it.