Interesting Facts About Motor Boats

Interesting Facts About Motor Boats

The Basics

Motorboats, which are often referred to as powerboats, refer to relatively small water-crafts which are moved across the water by either an electric, or else an internal combustion engine. They are manufactured in a range of sizes from a one passenger miniature craft, to a 30 meter-plus seagoing vessel. Generally speaking, however, the majority of them provide space for up to six riders.

Riding the Waves

Motor boating is a serious sport and it is important to find out all you can about the subject, before taking it any further, or even purchasing your own boat. Normally, motorboats are recreational boats which are designed for anyone who wants to take part in fun sports such as water skiing, skin diving, swimming, etc., as well as just good old fashioned cruising at one’s leisure. They are also used for amateur and professional sports racing, as well as for navigation and piloting contests.

What Do Motor Boat Fans Go For?

The answer to that is three words: style, comfort and speed. Fans can enjoy the extremes of riding through the glorious blue waves at 35 knots, to chilling out on a sun pad on a beautiful sun-kissed enclave, enjoying a glass of wine, and still being able to get ashore in time for dinner. This hobby and much loved pastime, is an excellent way to connect with the water, and it is not too difficult to get to know the ropes.

Motor Boat Training

Obviously, learning how to handle a boat, whether you intend to rent or purchase one, should be your number one priority. The RYA offer various very useful courses. These cover newbies right up to advanced boaters who want to learn intricate motor boat skills for demanding weather conditions.

There is a Level 1 course which is tailored for a total beginner; and a Level 2 course for those who have already gained some practice and experience, and who have built up a degree of confidence in different weather conditions. Both RYA courses run for a maximum of two days, so getting this qualification fits in well for those who have a full-time job, and cannot take much time off work.

The prices range from around £200 for level 1, and £340 for Level 2. You will find that there is a lot of groundwork you can actually do by yourself. This includes: learning online using a refurbished macbook, or other suitable laptop; reading the recommended books, and looking at suitable videos, which is always a relaxing and fun way to extend any form of knowledge.

Where Can I Find A RYA Centre?

You will be glad to know that there are hundreds of training centres across Britain, and you can utilise the RYA’s online tool to see where your nearest venue is situated. Happy boating!