Are You Looking For Budget Boats?

Are You Looking For Budget Boats?

Powerboats come in all sizes and shapes, but for a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction, the watercraft should be affordable. The last anybody would want is to purchase a high-end vessel that risks crippling their finances.

So if you happen to spot a reasonably priced boat that meets your expectations, feel free to check it out. If not, consult this list for recommendations.

Glastron GS 209 CC

This 20 footer comes with a Volvo Penta V8 engine and is ideal for watersports and overnight trips. It can accommodate eight people and a cabin for two. This fiberglass craft has lots of optional features such as an anchor locker, deck hatch screen, tilt steering, and stainless steel hardware.

Yamaha SX210

Yamaha has earned quite a reputation for their innovative products. The SX210, for example, can do 0 to 26 knots in under seven seconds – thanks to the two 110 horsepower engines.

The most notable feature on this boat is the swimming platform. It has a comfortable wrap that makes it suitable for sitting or kneeling. And anyone who has ever tried fishing on a motorboat knows how important that is.

Blue Wave 2000 Pure Bay

This nine footers come with a 150 horsepower engine and presumed as the ultimate starter pack for boaters. It can carry 15 people with a maximum weight of 730kg (1625 pounds) comfortably on freshwater or somewhere close to the coastline.

The vessel features a fishing chair, two molded flip seats and plenty of storage for fishing gear. When these features combine with a spacious deck, this boat becomes the ultimate fishing vessel for boaters on a budget.

Four Winns H190

One good thing about this craft is that it comes with an option to chose your preferred engine size. It can be 190, 220, 250 or 260 horsepower, but the vessel is also compatible with the Volvo Penta engine that comes with a whopping 270 horsepower.

The craft comes with a deep swim ladder, comfortable bucket seats and swivel pedestals that make it an excellent option for long trips in the open water.

Bayliner 215 BR

The 215 BR is a sturdy and comfortable boat that is an excellent option for thrill-seeking boaters. It comes with a Mercruiser V6 engine and can accommodate up to 12 people. The vessel is a perfect match for people interested in watersports. As it happens to have exceptional handling capabilities, sheer power, and a sport-ish look.

With this info, it’s easier to choose a boat that not only suits your needs but is also easy on your wallet. However, be sure to consider other expenses such as taxes and maintenance costs before settling for any of these options.